wire & sink edm

Wire EDM differs slightly from conventional EDM – the spark produced in Wire EDM always takes place in deionized water (the dielectric used for Wire EDM processes). Deionized water is used in Wire EDM because of its low viscosity, high cooling and material removal rate, and because deionized water is not a fire hazard. In Wire EDM cutting, a metallic wire (typically made of brass or stratified copper) between 0.1 and 0.3 mm in diameter is used to cut or rough/skim the part being machined. The wire used never comes into physical contact with the component being machined. The process used, and the specifics of that process, depend on the accuracy and surface finished required. Owens Industries’ experienced EDM machinists have years, and in some cases, decades of experience properly setting up, programming, and finishing EDM work from start to completion.

Owens Industries offers Micron Tolerance Wire EDM services, machining the “impossible” to achieve components most CNC machine shops are not capable of producing. Our very specialized Wire EDM services have high precision .001” wire capabilities allowing a corner radius of .0015”. We also offer micron positional accuracies – though 3µm to 5µm are more common, we have achieved positional accuracies of .05µm.

We can achieve one-micron positional accuracy (0.5 micron was the best we've achieved under a special circumstance but 3 microns (.000118") is more commonly achieved). We use a true 5 Axis indexing system , custom assembled by combining the efforts of a Japanese Control Systems company and a Swiss EDM company.

Our Wire EDM machines have glass scales with 0.1µm resolution. They have been specially calibrated and aligned with laser equipment, and are maintained in a very well controlled temperature and clean room atmosphere, ensuring your components are machined to their exact specifications. Our Wire EDM Machining is done in a room within a room type of arrangement – to ensure perfect temperature, dust and humidity control – this extra step helps us achieve the perfection we seek for Wire EDM.