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How to choose a filling equipment manufacturer?


Time in the development of the packaging industry competition is also increasing. Enterprises in the increase in production at the same time, but also to improve efficiency. So, robots, packaging machinery, polarizer cutting machine, filling machine can replace the artificial metal products into the entrepreneur's line of sight. So how can I get the right filling machine? How to choose a filling equipment manufacturer? What do buyers need to pay attention to when choosing?


Understand how the device has an impact on the product. In the purchase, to consider the equipment to be packaged products have any effect. Filling machine structure if set unreasonable, may inadvertently change the liquid traits or stickiness. For example, the liquid through the "excess" elbow, pipe and the transmitter will become very thin. Too fast will have a negative impact on certain products. When you buy, you need to keep your product features in the first place.


Understand how the product determines the type of filling equipment. The type of equipment required for the project is usually determined by the beverage / product characteristics, the type, and the shape of the packaging container. Generally speaking, free flowing liquids such as beverages can be "friendly and cooperative" with regular filling machines or liquid filling machines, and conversely, sticky products are more suitable for piston or volumetric filling machines. The size of the filler or the type of container may have a certain effect on the style of the filling machine. Timing Filling Machines and Level Filling Machines are suitable for free-flowing liquids. The difference between the two is that the way the product is transported to the container is different. Timing Filling Machine is a kind of volume filling machine, which means that it is the same product volume in each filling cycle. Regardless of the shape of the packaging container, the filling volume of such filling machines must be very accurate. However, if the volume of the packaging container changes, the material level will look inconsistent. Glass bottles are a good example, because its internal shape and volume will be more or less different, so the liquid bit looks always inconsistent.


To understand the difficulties encountered when filling flesh or fruit beverages. For flesh, fruit and other granules, the corresponding pumps and valves are specifically configured based on the individual density and size of the individual particles. Whenever the particle size changes significantly, the challenge of the filling machine will increase. Pick pickles, it is the size of each particle is not the same, so in the choice of filling machine should be more careful. In general, small or soft particles are easier to fill.


To understand whether it is easy to maintain. Care should be taken to clean the equipment. As with other consumer products, the materials used in the equipment are subject to the Food and Drug Administration's permission. For most customers, including the beverage maker, they want their equipment easy to clean and maintain. Because filling the glass bottle, keep the nozzle clean, the smooth progress of production activities is very important. Therefore, the simpler the design as possible: to ensure that the machine itself does not exist any can accommodate the micro-organisms and cracks. And when buying, it is best to choose those who have the local cleaning function of the machine.


Understand the current trends in the packaging industry. Plastic packaging (bottle) lightweight is still the current mainstream, in the cost advantage and sustainable development "halo" blessing, the trend will not change in the short term. The new technology in the packaging market for cleaning and filling will drive the development of plastic bottles towards lighter and thinner. Like "feather bottle", the capacity of 500 ml but only 7 grams (including the cap), so the filling machine can easily be it mildly ordered filling and cleaning.

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