vacuum forming & thermoforming

Vacuum forming is a very economical method for producing plastic parts. The vacuum forming process can produce parts in various configurations in small and large quantities at a reasonable price. This process involves the controlled heating of plastic materials to a temperature where it is flexible enough to be altered by the shape of a mold with the help of vacuum. In this method, the heated plastic sheet is forced against the mold by the air pressure differential created by pulling a vacuum between the sheet and the mold.

EGO Facility

Our thermoforming facility is located in an ultra-clean, allowing us to effectively serve our clients and support our thermoforming business.

These specialists aid customers with sizing, design and more, to find the best solutions for their specific application. Armed with the latest CAD and 3D printing technology, custom packages and trays can move from concept and design to prototyping and production in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. All locations benefit from the company’s extensive experience in materials and design innovation, automation and quality control while conforming to the unique needs of their specific markets.

What sets apart our processes is that they fit the needs of heavy gauge parts that utilize or require complex patterns and shapes, like the bedliner shown to the right. With rapid turnaround time on vacuum formed components, a range of component size options, and a commitment to product quality, we strive for optimal performance in our services. Quality is a top priority for EGO Plastics and it will show in every step of the process, from careful control of the raw materials used to process parameters that allow us to match individual needs for each of our customers.

Our Vacuum forming projects lists:

product packaging

agricultural applications

medical applications

Lift truck enclosures

Railcar interior trim parts and seating components

Engine covers for construction equipment

Fascias for outdoor kiosks and ATM applications

Material Range: