secondary services

Secondary Services

Companies that partner with EGO MFG receive so much more that just a custom vendor.
Sure, our facility can manufacturer any custom component that you need, but also we provide The Secondary Services for our customers, it is very important to all the production process, it will make the parts perfectly and also t will protect the surface to avoid damaging.

CNC Machining

We have with us well established CNC machine shop facility that is equipped with precision machining, milling and turning equipment which ably supports all involved in-process demands.
With presence of CNC (computer numerical control) facilities, we are able to bring better optimization in productivity as well as match up with the exact specifications deatiled by the clients. Mostly the CNC machines have three axis (X axis, Y axis, Z axis), that helps in providing greater accuracy with better control over involved procedures, our CNC machine shop also has facilities for Vertical machining and Acne turning.
Quality finish: when we finished blanks of molding, we will machine it to meet the drawings specific.

Grinding & Polishing

Grinding is divided into two processes: Plane grinding(PG) and Fine grinding(FG)
Polishing: Mirror polish.


Our staff has over 30 years welding experience and are able to assist you with even the most complex of projects. What we can do as blow:
♦ Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG)
♦ Specializing in Precision Welding Techniques
♦ Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG)
♦ Controlled Atmosphere Chamber Welding
♦ Welding High Vacuum & High Pressure Systems

Surface treatment

We perform surface treatments to ensure a proper service life for all coating systems, and completely clean prior to application of a coating system which is one of the most important steps.
We provide:
♦ Sand blasting
♦ Anodizing or Hard Anodizing
♦ Epoxy Powder Coating
♦ Painting
♦ Passivation
♦ Galvanization: hot-galvanize and cold galvanize
♦ Chrome-plating
♦ Nickel plating
♦ Silver plating or gold-plating