mold manufacture

We analyze the initial CAD data or 3D file, determining areas for improvement based on your projects' needs and expectation,then we begin designing, machining, and building the mold to your requirements. Whether you are looking for few prototypes, million production parts, or thousands of market ready consumer parts, we will provide you a cost effective quality oriented service. For decades of custom manufacturing business, Ego now has numerous CNC machines, including precision machining, precision EDM, CNC turning and CNC milling, powered by those advanced precision machines, our in-house mold manufacturing service include:
♦ Custom Injection Molding Tool
♦ Custom Rotational Molding Tool
♦ Custom Blow Molding Tool
♦ Custom Investment Casting Mold
♦ Custom Die Casting Mold
♦ Custom Stamping Mold (Progressive Die)

Our par excellence mold building service has successfully ran production for markets such as:

♦ Automotive, Agricultural and Transportation
♦ Medical & Dental
♦ Government Contracts
♦ Energy
♦ Inventor & Entrepreneur Start Ups

Decades of custom mold manufacturing experience provides

A. It works: Your custom mold will be made to every standard and request you need, while never sacrificing quality and tool lifespan.
B. It looks good: Visually appealing and ergonomic designs meeting our customers.
C. Easily manageable: Design, manufacture, mold trial, sample delivery, package, ship(if required). We do them all in-house.
D. World-class efficiency: high skilled and experienced engineers while make sure an excellent quality, also provide a shortened overall lead time that can allow our customers to bring their product to market quickly.

Contact our CNC machining experts and mold design professionals today to get a free quote or a piece of suggestion for mold structure building.