high temperature resistance laboratory tank ptfe bucket

High temperature resistance laboratory tank ptfe bucket

Quick Details

Plastic Modling Type: Rotational molding
Main Material: Virgin PTFE
Other Material: Filler ptfe PEEK PVDF POM
Color: White
Density: 2.10~2.30
processing method: Machining
Factory: We are manufacture
Market: Over the World
Certificate: FDA/RoHS/SGS
Design: By Customer
Manufacture: Dechengwang

Product Description

Products Name: High temperature resistance laboratory tank ptfe bucket
  Material Comparison: Ptfe, Filler Ptfe, PEEK, PVDF Optioned
  Application:  Industry.Chemical.
  Customer:  From China
  Design:  By Customer
 Manufacture:  Dechengwang
 Processing Method:  By CNC Machine

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Property Of PTFE

Of all the known plastics, PTFE has some remarkable properties: it will not attacked by corrosive acids, even if they were hot; it did not dissolve in solvents; it could be cooled to -180°C without becoming brittle and it could be heated to 260°C without impairing its performance. PTFE materials also are extremely stable and nonflammable; clean, dry, non-oily and non-staining. The material is biologically inert and does not support biological growth (that is, it is non-pyrogenic). PTFE offer an extremely low static coefficient of friction, which stems from the extremely low intermolecular forces in the PTFE molecule itself.
Apparent Density: 2.1 ~ 2.3 g/cm3
Tensile Strength: ≥ 14.0 Mpa
Ultimate Elongation: ≥ 140%
Temperature: -20° F to 500° F (-180°C to 260°C)
For more property of PTFE, please contact our sales representative!