flanged sleeve copper alloy gap bushing/mold components self lubricating bushing

Flanged Sleeve Copper Alloy Gap Bushing Mold Components Self Lubricating Bushing

Quick Details

Type: Sleeve
Material: Copper Alloy, Copper Alloy
Service: OEM
Sample: Offer
Technics: Casting
Color: Yellow
Shape: As per customer's drawings
Payment: T/T, Paypal and so on
Certification: ISO9001
Dimensions: Customer's Drawing


Product Description

Copper alloy is made by adding alloy elements in pure copper by common alloying elements, zinc, tin, aluminum, manganese, nickel, iron, titanium,zirconium, beryllium, chromium.Due to the solid solution strengthening and second phase strengthening effects of alloy elements, which not only improves the strength of the copper alloy, but also copper characteristics, so it has been widely used in the mechanical industry.

According to the chemical composition of the copper alloy, brass, bronze, copper nickel alloy is divided into three categories.

Our company is one of the earliest development of production of the diameter of more than 1 meters above the centrifugal casting copper alloy factory. Also is domestic rarely bronze casting production of more than 200mm in diameter of the company. Our company has more than 1 tons of smelting furnace 6, centrifugal casting machine, casting machine 8 sets of large diameter. Our largest single copper sleeve can be 3 meters in diameter, weight can reach to 5 tons. At the same time we in order to materialstability and meet customer demand for new product development, adhere to the one of the foundry and machining as one of. After ten years of production and improvement, and conducted a number of experiments with foreign similar products, the product has reached the advanced level of performance and more than similar foreign products. In 2012 our company participated in the Suzhou World Expo was casting, cast copper alloy gold. All of our products processing equipment with high precision CNC machine tools, production processin strict accordance with the ISO 9001 ISO TS16949 procedures for quality control, ensure that customerscan enjoy a stable high-quality products. At the same time we also develop new products according to customer's need, try our best to make customer satisfaction.


After-Sales Service

We understand purchasing is the most complicated and cumbersome work. Various trade platform can not display all contents of purchasing. Only a responsible supplier who always standby can undertake this task. Large scale operation can maintain our cost advantage and maintain quality. Low labor cost and large number of factories in China provide rich resources for us. We are responsible for purchasing and production, so that our customers can put together advantages to develop market. We look forwarder to establish long term cooperation with our client, and we provide more services to make it eaiser.

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