fishing platform buoy float plastic motorized pool float buoy float plastic

fishing platform buoy float plastic motorized pool float buoy float plastic

Quick Details

Model Number: 50*50*40cm
Plastic Modling Type: Blow Molding
Material: HDPE
Name: fishing platform
Color: Blue
Size: 50*50*40cm
Application: jet ski boat dock
Product name: swimming pontoon
Usage: Breeding
Type: pontoon plastic
Certification: ISO9001
Item: motorized pool float


Product Description

MaterialHigh density polyethylene (HMWHDPE),which inported from ShangHai SECCO, is a good quality, environmental protection, low temperature resistance, good durability.Raw materials for one-time blow molding.
SurfaceThe floating dock has a flat appearance,no burrs and flashes, no effect on the use of cracks and deformation.The color of floating dock can be customized according to requirments of the user. There is no obvious color diference on a single dock. The color of the same batch of products is basically the same
ThicknessThe thinnest part is 5mm, Four ears(corners) are the thickest. The ears(corners) are solid.
HygienicIndexNormal color and lustre,no odor,no smell,no evaporation residue and decolorization test all meet the national standard.
Capability-60 to 80 degrees Celsius can work normally, the service life reaches 15 years, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, free from seawater, drugs, no pollution, no damage to the environment, and will not affect the fish ponds.
BearingCapacityMax 300KG per square meter Degree of depth:30cm
AdditiveAnti - aging , corrosion - resistant , anti - static , anti - ultraviolet
Subjected to wave forcesThe safe use of water surface is within the sixth grade of wind wave.In calss7-8 of wind wave should limit the scope of use.In calss8-10 should be strengthened.
Dead weight350KG
Diagonal tensionThe single dock can bear more than 2500kg of tensile force without deformation and fracture

Load Capacity

each one square meter is made up of four pontoons, top load is 325kgs.

Draft without load: 2.5-3cm;

Draft with load of 150kgs: 15-20cm(safe);

Draft with load of 300kgs:35-40cm(load limit)

Anti Wind Wave

1.The wave on water surface between 2-class and 3-class belongs to safe applicable range.

2.The wave on water surface between 3-class and 6-class can be applicable; however,the safety protection must be reinforced.

3.The wave on water surface between 6-class and 9-class is the restricted applicable range (it is suggested that the shipping shall not be parked and the visitors shall not be in or out).

Attention: to avoid shaking of the dock, the area of internal lake’s dock is not less than 30 square meter; the area of stage is not less than 100 square meter.


1.If water is less than 3m in depth, steel piles are to be put in proper place and then connected by wheels, which can prevent the floating dock from moving laterally but can automatically rise and fall in line with water level.

2.If water is over 3m in depth, anchoring can be used by sinking the anchorage block pulled by steel cables to the water bottom.

Our Services

warranty on our floats are 3 years, that is within three years, if there is any damage caused by the product in normal condition, we will replace the floats for you.

To install the required mushroom head, the screw will be given according to the installation method provided by the customer, and the client shall determine the installation diagram before placing the order. And the installation tool wrench will be presented free of charge.