custom plastic injection mold product with hydrolysis resistance excellent anti gas-fading materials

custom plastic injection mold product with hydrolysis resistance excellent anti gas-fading materials

Quick Details

Shaping Mode: Plastic Injection Mould
Product Material: Plastic
Product: Other
1. Application: Industrial Electronics
2. Materials: Industrial ABS, PC-ABS, PC, PP, Nylon ....etc.
3. Plating & Coating: Vacuum plating/ EMI/ Nickel/ Cu/ Sn/ Rh/ Cr3/ Cr6 ....etc.
4. Painting & Coating: UV coating, Soft-touch Painting, Electrodeposition, ED... etc.
5. Surface Final Finishing: Technical polishing, Polishing, Screen printing... etc.
6. Method of Production (1): Injection Molding, Threaded insert molding, Die casting
7. Method of Production (2): Glass joints by ultrasonic welding, PCBA parts purchasing, Programming
8. Certifcates: ISO SGS ROHS CE POSH REACH UL TAF ISO ISO 13485 ISO 10993
9. Experience: Total solutions provider production analysis
10. Keyword: Vacuum Forming

Product Detail

■ Application:
Industrial Electronics
Custom Injeciton Mold Mould Moulding product with Hydrolysis Resistance Excellent Anti Gas-Fading Materials
■ Materials:
1. Plastic Housing:Industrial ABS, PC-ABS, PC, PP, Nylon ....etc.
■ In addition, we also provide Total Solutions for your projects
2. Chassis, Case:Die casting Aluminum alloy, Die casting Zinc alloy, Die casting Tin alloy ....etc.
3. Keypad:Silicone, Rubber
4. Stamping parts:Stainless steel, Cold-rolled Beryllium, Steel, Spring steel, Brass ....etc.
5. LCD Modules and protection tempered glass (ex, Gorilla) + ITO/AR/AG/AF/AS coating
6. PCB:FR4 Hi-Tg laminate, FR4+Rogers, FR4+Polymer, FR4+Isola ....etc.
■ Plating & Coating:
Vacuum plating/ EMI/ Nickel/ Cu/ Sn/ Rh/ Cr3/ Cr6 ....etc.
■ Painting & Coating:
1. UV coating
2. Soft-touch Painting
3. Electrodeposition, ED
■ Surface Final Finishing:
1. Technical polishing
2. Screen printing
■ Method of Production:
1. Injection molding
2. Threaded insert molding
3. Double injection molding (Bi-injection, Coinjection) , ABS+TPE
4. Thermoforming plastic
5. Metal fabrincation (Die casting, MIM, CNC machining, Stamping, PM ....etc.)
6. Insert molding
7. Glass joints by ultrasonic welding
8. PCBA parts purchasing
9. PCBA assembly
10. Programming and testing
11. Product final assembly and testing


Our Advantages

■ From idea-to-product comprehensive design capabilities
■ Evaluation, selection and localization of the proper materials and parts
■ Selection of the most cost-efficient manufacturing technologies
■ Fast estimation for costs of materials and production
■ Wide selection of rapid and precise prototyping technologies
■ Wide range of metal fabrication solutions
Pressure, gravity, sand and wax casting for aluminum, zinc alloys and steel
Multi-dimensional high-precision CNC machining
Advanced MIM as well as conventional metallurgy for steel, copper and bronze
Forging manufacturing technologies
Precision stamping, sheet fabrication and extrusion manufacturing

■ Complete solution for functional or aesthetical plating and coating
ROHS/WEEE-compliant plating
EMI/EMS coatings
Corrosion and oxidation protection
Hardness enhancement coatings
Coloring through painting or plating techniques
Decorative treatments for metals, plastic and silicon/rubber

■ Fast molding and tooling solutions for metal, plastic, silicon/rubber, including:
Thin wall molding
Clear and high-polish molding
Double-shot, insert and over molding
Multi-cavity, cavity combination and cavity separate injection/forming

■ Flexible combination of manufacturing techniques
High-precision laser cutting and engraving, NCT punching and NC bending,robotic arc welding
Casting/forging and precision CNC milling
Multi-component injection and forming
Ultrasound welding

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