custom to make plastic mold ,die casting and stamping die

Custom to make Plastic Mold ,Die Casting and Stamping Die

Quick Details

Model Number: OEM
Shaping Mode: Plastic Injection Mould
Product Material: Plastic
Product: Household Appliance
Mould Materia: NAK80, S136, 2316, 2738, H13, 5CrNiMo, 718H, P20, 40Cr, 60#, 45# etc
Mould lifeStandar: 250000-300000shots
Surface treatment: Polishing, Sand Blasting, Heat Treatment, Paintin
Runner: Hot Runner\ Cold Runner
Mold Standard: Hasco, Dme, Misumi
Mould Cavity: Single Cavity and Multi Cavity Available

Product Description

Mould Shaping
injection mold/ stamping mold
De-mould Type
Automatic Eject (Ejector pin, Air gate, Ejector plate, Hydro-cylinder, etc)
Mould material
NAK80, S136, 2316, 2738, H13, 5CrNiMo, 718H, P20, 40Cr, 60#, 45# etc
Mould base
Surface treatment
Polishing, Sand Blasting, Heat Treatment, Paintin
Mould Cavity
Single or multi
Sprue Gate
Hot runner, Cold runner, Pin-point gate, Submarine gate, etc
Design software
Plastic material
Mould life
300,000-3,000,000 shots
Delivery time
30-75 days
Payment Terms
T/T or L/C
Wooden Cases
By Sea or by air
Export Country
Depends on customer's requirements.
OEM order


Plastic Materials Applies

Material Name
Lightweight, Heat Resistance, High Chemical Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Natural Waxy Appearance, Tough and Stiff, Low Cost
Automobile (Bumpers, Covers, Trim), Bottles, Caps, Crates, Handles, Housings.
Strong, Rigid, Excellent Fatigue Resistance, Excellent Creep Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Moisture Resistance, Naturally Opaque White, Low/Medium Cost
Bearings, Cams, Gears, Handles, Plumbing Components, Rollers, Rotors, Slide Guides, Valves
Very Tough, Temperature Resistance, Dimensional Stability, Transparent, High Cost
Automobile (Panels, Lenses, Consoles), Bottles, Containers, Housings, Light Covers, Reflectors, Safety Helmets and Shields
Tough, Very High Chemical Resistance, Clear, Very High Cost
Strong, Flexible, Low Mold Shrinkage (Tight Tolerance), Chemical Resistance, Applicable for Electroplating, Naturally Opaque, Low/Medium Cost
Automobile (Consoles, Panels, Trim, Vents), Boxes, Gauges, Housings, Inhalers, Toys
High Strength, Fatigue Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Low Creep, Low Friction, Almost Opaque/White, Medium/High Cost
Bearings, Bushings, Gears, Rollers, Wheels
High Strength, Fatigue Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Low Creep, Low Friction, Almost Opaque/White, Medium/High Cost
Handles, Levers, Small Housings, Zip Ties
Rigid, Heat Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Medium/High Cost
Automobile (Filters, Handles, Pumps), Bearings, Cams, Electrical Components (Connectors, Sensors), Gears, Housings, Rollers, Switches, Valves
Tough, Flexible, Flame Resistance, Transparent or Opaque, Low Cost
Electrical Insulation, Household wares, Medical Tubing, Shoe Soles, Toys
Tough and Stiff, Excellent Chemical Resistance, Natural Waxy Appearance, Low Cost
Chair Seats, Housings, Covers, Containers


Why us

As a factory and distributor we offer One-stop service :
1. Mold design,manufacture, maintain, injection, product part assemble, OEM service; and the mold including plastic mold, phenol plastics(Bakelite) mold,metal mold,silicone mold, etc.

2. We are a customized plastic mold specialist, providing industry-leading plastic mold manufacturing techniques for plastics industry.
3. We are focused on handling every aspect of your product needs, customized plastic mold manufacturing and prototype molds
4. We provide outstanding mold/tooling design services, Our mold/tooling making engineers will design your molds, defining all critical aspects such as aftermarket part, mechanical action, ejection, manifold design and hot runner system.
5. After a joint decision is made for making molds, we are going to begin the process of monitoring the progress of the mold/tooling making.
6. We use the best steel and excellent handicraft by seasoned craftsman and engineer to keep quality for mold/tooling making.
7. Our rapid molds are built by quality craftsman using the latest in technology and a process that makes it truly fast.
8. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our quality, speed and attention to detail, whether you have thin wall molding, simple parts or complicated tight tolerance parts, DGGX can handle your plastic part needs for mold/tooling making.

Aftermarket service

1. Reverse engineering.
2. Do you need an aftermarket part made, but do not have a 3D model, no problem, DGGX can help you with that.
3. Send us your 2D print or sample part and we will convert it into a 3D model.
4. Once the conversion process is completed we can build a rapid prototype using SLS, SLA, FDM or CNC machining processes.
5.This rapid prototyping processes will allow you to test for fit and function of your plastic component before you make an investment in a custom mold.
6. If you don't have a 2D print but have a sample of the part you need to make, no problem, just send us the sample and DGGX can create a 3D model from your sample.
7. If you require changes to be made to sample part, we can help customize the part to your specific needs.

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