aviation turbojet engine parts investment casting turbine disk inconel cast

aviation turbojet engine parts investment casting turbine disk inconel cast

Quick Details

Application: gas turbine / locomotive /aircraft turbine disc
Mateiral: Nickel base 347,306,316L,310S,inconel 713C,738LC .939.....
Casting method: Pure silica sol processing or vacuum casting
Product name: investment casting turbine disk inconel cast
Testing Service: Available
Certification: ISO9001-2008
Machining: Available
OEM Service: Available
Mainly customer: North America, Europe and Middle East
Other casting method: plaster mold lower pressure casting die casting

Testing service

Test Service ListAdvanced Testing Equipment
Material's chemical component analysisGermanic Spectrograph
Tensile strength testRoom temperature tensile test machine
High temperature tensile test machine
Yield strength testCreep test machine
Surface defect testFluorescent penetrant test machine (FPT)
Inner defect testAutomatic X-ray inspection
Hardness testBrienll hardenss tester
Rockwell hardness tester
Dimension measurementThree coordinate measurement
Three dimensional (3D) scanner
Grain size test

Metallographical detector


Our advantage

1.Ten years Heat-resistant alloy Vacuum investment casting experience
2.Use pure silica sol processing to make the shell and choose America wax and Australian Zircon powder and sand.
3.Casting surface finishing degree is 1.6μm.
4.Strictly control and record the whole casting produce process , Promise every products our customer get is qualified.

All Products and Service

Series 1: Car and truck turbocharger parts
Turbine wheel, compressor wheel, nozzle ring, turbine
rotor, turbine wheel shaft, diffuser, turbine housing, compressor housing, garrett turbo shaft and wheel etc.

Series 2: Marine and locomotive turbocharger parts
Turbine wheel, compressor wheel, nozzle ring, diffuser, turbine blade, turbine housing, compressor housing, seal ring carrier,bearing support, engine diesel parts/truck diesel engine parts etc.

Series 3: Aviation turbojet engine spare parts
Turbine wheel, compressor wheel, nozzle guide vanes, turbine blade, diffuser, intake casing, casing outer ring, inlet casing, jet nozzle, Parts of aviation engine etc.

Series 4: Gas turbine, steam turbine parts
Turbine wheel, guide vane, compressor wheel, gas and steam turbine blade, etc.

Series 5: Oil, gas, chemical, pump, compressor parts
Pump impeller, close impeller, blower impeller, compressor impeller, water pump impeller, turbine blade, t
urbine impeller, Guide vane, etc.



Q 1: For the turbine blade , do you accept customized processing ?
A 1: Yes , now our 100% blade produce is customized processing , Now we produce the smallest blade length is 40mm , the thinnest place of blade can meet 0.5mm , the maximum length is 500mm , the weight reached 13kg.

Q2: Now your mainly export country is ?
A2 :Now we have build long-term cooperation relationship with American , Iran Russia customer for blade produce .

Q3: Can I only buy few sample as testing ?
A3: Yes ,Of course . For you buy suitable products , at the beginning you can only buy one or two sample as testing .

Q4: Will you sign NDA for the any drawing we provide ?
A4: Yes , for protect the business secret and our cooperation , it is our duty to sign NDA .