vacuum forming & thermoforming products

Ego-Mfg offers Custom Plastic Thermoforming Products for a variety of industries with expert assistance every step of the way. Our engineering department can help determine the most cost effective solution to enhance the manufacturing of your parts.

Plastics thermoforming is so versatile and lends itself to so many applications outside of packaging, thermoformed components offer unique solutions to different packaging, assembly, manufacturing, and transport challenges.

Further opportunities for functional thermoformed components exist for injection-molded parts that can be redesigned for thin-gauge thermoforming, thus reducing tooling expense

Ego-MFG has 25-years experience designing and manufacturing custom thermoformed products and components.

Ego is an engineering-based, full-service designer and manufacturer of custom thermoformed components. This integration between design and manufacture allows for the production of highly-engineered, high-quality thermoformed products and components in quick turn-times at competitive pricing.

Thermoformed Plastic Product Summary
a. Formed plastic parts with low to moderate tooling costs compared with other technologies.
b. Thermoformed plastic sheet, film, foam, and non-woven fiber made from ABS, PVC, PETG, styrene, polyester, polycarbonate, Kydex (acrylic/PVC), and polyethylene can be thermoformed.