rotational moulding cooler box mould

Rotational Moulding Cooler Box Mould

Quick Details

Shaping Mode: Sand casting, Rotomolding mould
Product Material: Aluminium
Product: Rotational Moulding Cooler Box Mould
Name: Rotational Moulding Cooler Box Mould
Mould material: Aluminium
Plastic product material: LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE
Cooler mould lead time: 15--60 days
Design software: AutoCAD, UG, Solidworks, PROE
Mould life: Ten thousand cycles
Surface treatment: Mirror Polishing, Sand Blasting, Customized
Color and Size: Customized

Molds for coolers

Name: Rotational Moulding Cooler Box Mould
Material of mold
Material of products
Shaping model
Production process
Rotomolded cooler products making process is: filling material→heating the mould→cooling the mould→demolding→inspecting→packing
After treatment
Common polishing, or sand blasting, or mirror polishing, or finishing the mould surface according to your requirements.
Checking drawing → Mould 3D drawing designing →Patten processing →Aluminum casting →Aluminum CNC processing → Mould assembling →Aluminum mould surface finishing  →Sample testing...
Rotomolded Cooler Mould MOQ: 1set, Rotomolded Cooler Product MOQ: 20pcs.
Payment terms
T/T, 50% deposit in advance, balance before shipping


Features of our fantastic ice coolers molds

1. Good cooling performance and durability.
2. Fully linked and integrated hinge system. It does not break easily.
3. The durable rubber latches perfectly lock the lid, and they are also replaceable as you can easily change then if in need of a new one.
4. The stainless steel lock device serves not only to lock your cooler but also as a drink opener.
5. The durable sealing gasket, is making sure the ice cooler is air tight when it is closed. With the ability of Keeping ice unchanged for 8 days!
6. The ice cooler also has both a built-in handle and a nylon rope handle, which makes heavy-loads much easier to carry.
7. A simple and completely leak-proof drain system, with stainless steel flange bolt drain hole. It makes emptying it a very simple task.
8. These four rubber feet on the bottom keeps cooler out of sliding away from you.
9. You can use this built-in inch ruler to make measurement if need be, handy tool for hunting or fishing.

Why rotomolding

1.Rotational molding, including capital equipment (machinery, processing equipment, etc.) is a cost effective option for plastic manufacturing.
2. Rotationally molded parts are 100% stress-free, have excellent impact resistance, and can withstand chemical and environmental attack.
3.Value added features, such as threaded tank necks, inserts, double walls, intricate contours, etc. can be produced via rotomolding.
4. Speed-to-market advantage: once a design is finalized, tooling can be produced in a manner of weeks, offering a distinct advantage over other processes.
5. Rotational molding allows for the integration of multiple parts into one piece, saving on manufacturing and assembly costs.
6. Large products can be rotationally molded for significantly less cost as compared to other structural plastics processes.
7. Many tooling options are available and are relatively low in cost.