rining progressive stamping die progressive metal stamping tool molds

rining progressive stamping die progressive metal stamping tool molds

Quick Details

Shaping Mode: Punching Mold
Product Material: Metal
Product: Household Product
Die procedure: Progressive stamping die
Die material: SKD11,Cr12Mov,SKH-9,DC53
Part material: Rolled steel, Srainless steel
Tolerance: 0.02mm
Tool life: More than 500K shots
Die base: Homemade by steel plate
Design software: AutoCAD,UG,Solidworks
Spring: Coil steel spring
Spare parts: MISUMI, PUNCH standard
Cavity: According to the part structure

More details

1. Die Procedure: Progressive stamping die

2. Spare Parts: PUNCH, MISUMI international standard, you can remain and repair the die by yourself

3. Die material: Good die mateiral to ensure the high tool life, such as ASP-23, SKD11, DC53, SKH-9...

4. Tool life: More than 500000 shots

5. High precision: 0.02mm


Processing Schedule


1QuotationWe offer you the progressive stamping die and part quotation according to your details (drawing or sample, material, quantity, weight).
2OrderIf our quotation is competitive, you will place the order.
3Drawing designWe design the die structure drawing according to your product drawing or sample, then send to you for confirmation.
4Tool makingAfter your confirmation of our drawing, we begin to make the dies, during manufacturing program, we send you tool building progress with pictures every week, for you to know our process.
5First trialWe will make the progressive stamping die first trial on time, then send you video, picture and samples for you to confirm.
6Quality confirmYou will confirm our progressive stamping die quality according to sample. If you need to adjust the product structure, we can help you to change it further.
7DeliveryShip the progressive stamping die after it is completely OK, packed by wooden case.


In Housing Design

You can avoid the use of external design service’s and the expense and more crucially unnecessary delays in project development, by close collaboration with Hiparter Tool Services at the early stages of product development. By working in partnership with you from initial concept, through the progressive stamping die and progressive stamping tool design stage, and by sharing our expertise and experience, we can together optimise choice of plastic materials, enhance physical design, optimise production performance & methods, so reducing cost.

By working in partnership with you the customer, from initial concept, through to the progressive stamping die and tool design stage we use cutting edge engineering drawing software, arrange prototypes through Hiparter Tool Service’s established partnerships, and ensure accuracy and functionality of your products.

Quality Inspection

In order to ensure that each set of dies are qualified before out our factory, we have a strict quality control mechanisms.We will test  for each set of die as the following ways

1) Hardness tester

2) Chemical analysis

3) Digital Measuring Projector

4) Dynamic Balancing Tester

5) Universal testing machine & Coordinate-Detector for CNC machining

If there is any die quality problems, we will take full responsibility.