remote control car parking lock die casting housing

Remote control car parking lock die casting housing

Quick Details

Material: die-casted Zinc alloy
Product name: Car parking lock
Dimensions: 357*370*82.5mm
application: car parking
Running time: 4~6s
Vertical Position Height: 340mm
Remote Distance: <15m
Working Temperature: -35~+55 degree centigrade
Maximum Bearing Weight: 5 tons
IP grade: IP 68


Technical Specification

Model NameParking bay lock accessoires
DimensionUp to customer's request
Vertical position height340mm
Remote distance< 15m
Running time4s to 6s
Working temperature -35~+55 degree centigrade
Maximum bearing weight5 tons
IP gradeIP 68
DELIVERY TIME2 business days


Functions & Features

1. Energy-saving; the battery is a best product in China and the power in it will last for half a year.
2.Safe; the power connection is anti-disconnecting design in case that the user misplaces the battery causing short circuit; battery installation is easy.
3.Durable; the cabinet is made of die-casted Zinc alloy with high quality, and the maximum weight of load-bearing is 5 tons; the cabinet is coated with varnish, being water-proof and anti-rust in harsh weather. The sway arm is made of fiber-reinforced nylon, and it will not deform even after car crushing.
4.Hermetic; the cabinet is tightly closed, and Protection Grade is IP68. It is waterproof and dustproof. It can be used broadly.
5.Auto-repositioning; the external force could not change the sway arm position when it is vertical; when the sway arm is forced to a horizontal position, it will reposition vertically, unless the user uses remote control to put it horizontally.



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