Automatic oil filling machine ,adapts vacuum sucking filling nozzles

The NP-VF automatic oil filling machine is designed and manufacturer by shanghai npack, the machine also suitable for varies kinds of food oil ,edible oil,palm oil. the filling volume is from 100ml to 1000ml, and 500ml to 5000ml, If your filling volume is from 100ml-5000ml, one machine is ok, just need change one set of piston fro 100ml-500ml.
The piston filling machine can be connected with filling line,and mainly suitable for viscosity liquids.It adopts integrated design, using high quality electrical components such as PLC, a photoelectric switch, touch screen and high quality stainless steel, plastic parts. This machine is good quality. System operation, convenient adjustment, friendly man-machine interface, the use of advanced automatic control technology, in order to achieve a high precision liquid filling.
No. of Filling Nozzles
6 Filling Nozzles
Filling Range
Measurement precision
220VAC 50/60hz
Air pressure
Air consumption

Main Features

The machine is made of full stainless steel,look beautiful and meets the GMP standard level. hot sales model,it is sutiable for cosmetic industry,food industry,etc.

Small machine but easy to operate,good filling performance,high filling precision, no drip phenomenon.

This model filling machine can be connected to the production line.

The warranty for 1 year since you get the machine arriving at your factory,after sales service will be offered forever