This type machine is suitable for filling viscous, inviscid and corrosive liquid. It’s widely applied in plant oil, chemical liquid, and daily chemical industry. It adopts linear type filling, electromechanical & instrucmental integration controlling.
It’s simple and rapid for changing the varieties with unique design and superior capability. It’s appearance accords with the international machinery concept.

We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of filling machines. We can produce a wide range of filling machines as well as a wide range of equipment in the filling line (from bottle washing - filling - capping - sterilization - labeling - boxing - palletizing).

*Suitable for daily necessities filling lines:shampoos,detergents etc ;

*Weigh the filling line:cooking oil,lubricating oil etc ;

*Thick sauce filling line: tomato sauce,chili sauce etc ;

*Beverage production line:beer,orange juice ect ;

*Medical production lines:food,cosmetics, medical supplies etc.


1. Vacuum Preventing Leaking System

2. No Bottle or Lack of Bottle, No Filling System

3. Photoelectric Sensor, Mechatronics Filling Adjustment System

4. Photoelectric Sensor, Material Level Control Feeding System

5. Stainless Steel Frame,Plexiglass as Security Cover

6. Control System: PLC/Electronic-Pneumatic Controlled

7. Operation Panel: "Intelligent" Colorful Touch Screen

8. Filling Accuracy:+-5%

9. Capacity Adjustment:All cylinders adjusted automatically combine single cylinder adjusted individually.

10.Container transport:Stainless steel frame and engineering plastic plate chain variable speed conveyor, with photoelectric sensor


Suitable Bottle Material
 PET / PP / PE / Glass / Metal
Suitable Bottle Shape
 Round / Square/ Unique Shape
Filling Range
100ml - 5L
Filling Heads
Min 4 filling heads, Max 16 filling heads
Production Capacity
800 - 4000 bottle per hour
Filling Valve
Each filling valve is controlled by servo motor, realizing segmented high-and low-speed control; vacuum resorption devices without leakage.
Cap closing method
Applicability for both crowning and capping, mechanical instant sealing or servo-controlled sealing
Bottle components
Rapid replacement without tools, such as star wheels for bottle infeed and outfeed, and bottleneck clamps