multiple cavity high pressure aluminum die casting

Multiple Cavity high pressure aluminum die casting

Quick Details

Application: Industry
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: Customized Size
Process: die casting
Dimension: OEM
Type: aluminum die casting

Product Description

Product Name: 
Multiple Cavity high pressure aluminum die casting
Part Material:
Aluminium Alloy: ADC12, A380, A383, A390, AlSi9Cu3, AlSi12Fe, ADC10, ADC8, etc.
Zinc Alloy: Zamak 2, Zamak3, Zamak5, Zamak7, ZA 8, ZA12, ZA27, ZA35, ZZnAl10-5, 9-1.5, 4-1, 4-0.5, 4, Z35530 Z33520, ZCDC1,ZCDC2, GD-ZnAl4Cu1, GD-ZnAl4, UAM10-5, UAM9-1.5, UAM4-1, UAM4-0.5, UAM4, Z-A4U1G,Z-A4G.
Die Casting Machine Used:

Hot Chamber: 80 Ton to 280 Ton

Cold Chamber: 218 Ton to 1250 Ton
Mold Base Steel: 
S50C / P20, or upon customer request

Mold Cavity Steel: 

Chinese H13/ Dievar 8418, 8407, 1.2344 hot work tool steel, 1.2436, 1.2343, 1.2080, 1.2313, 1.2436, 1.2376, 1.2379, 1.2311, 1.2363, 1.2085 (esr) , 1.2714, 1.2311 alloy special tool steel or upon customer request, alloy tool die steel hot work tool steel 
Die Mold Size Capacity
Customer Required
Size Capability Of Die Casting Parts
up to 21 lbs
Preferred File Format
Solidworks, ProE, IGES, STP, 2D Drawings
Industries Applications of Aluminium Die Casting Parts
Telecommunications, Electrical Housings, Truck, Auto, Industrial Equipment, Lighting, Furniture, Air Products, Firearms, Consumer Products

1. High pressure Zinc/ Magnesium/ Aluminum die casting: By the high pressure die casting process, the metal liquid is injected in to a high grade steel tool at high speed and pressure. The casting temperature of zinc is roughly 450°C while casting aluminum liquid is about 650°C. The use of vacuum casting technique is a must,in order to achieve superior quality for extremely thin walled components.

2. High Pressure Zinc/ Magnesium/ Aluminum die casting: is a competitive casting method when the components are needed at high volumes or when better tolerances and surface finish are required than can be achieved by gravity die casting. The need for machining is very low due to the close casting tolerances.

3. High Pressure Aluminum/ Magnesium/ Zinc die casting Application: Various applications such as LED street light parts, city gas meter housing, gear box housing, engine housing, kitchen utensils (pot, pan, spoon), motor bicycle parts, automobile parts, power tools, automatic equipment, industries parts, cylinder heads


Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A1: We are factory.

Q2: What kind of production service do you provide?
A2: Mold making, Die Casting Parts, Stamping Parts, CNC Machining Parts.

Q3: What’s the your tooling(mold) life?
A3: Aluminum die casting mold 50,000 - 120,000 shots. Zinc die casting mold 100,000 - 300,000 shots.

Q4: What is the manufacturing time of die casting mold?
A4: Usually, It will be 35 - 40 working days.

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