investment casting products

The Investment Casting process is a superior casting method for complex shapes or fine detailed castings, giving designers the flexibility to make superior products. Investment Casting can save money by eliminating costly and time-consuming machining operations and reducing product mass through better design. There is also the benefit of being able to cast any metal such as grey iron, sg iron, mild steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel and also none ferrous metals. Investment Casting offers great product repeat-ability and long tool life which also adds to its cost saving. A good surface finish is achievable with Investment Casting and can be suited to match its requirements.

You can benefit from the advantages of investment casting in the production of your components
a. high level of design flexibility enables complex geometries to be achieved in a single cast intricate structures
b. near net shape castings with reduced machining requirement
c. high dimension accuracy
d. excellent surface finish
e. wide range of materials and alloys assuring rigorous implementation of customer requirements economic viability, cost-effective production from single items through to large-scale production