injection molding plastic electrical box cover for decorative electrical panel

Injection molding plastic electrical box cover for decorative electrical panel

Quick Details

Shaping Mode:-Plastic Injection Mould
Product Material:-Plastic
Product:-Household Appliance
Mould Steel:-1.2344ESR/SUJ2/P20/SKD61/718H/S316
Mould Cavity:-2 cavities
Runner type:-Hot to Cold
Mould Manufacturing Process:-Milling/Grinding/CNC/Heat Treatment/Wire Cut/CNC/EDM/Assembly/Polish
Mould Surface Finish:-EDM/Polish/Texture(Laser Etching or Chemical Etching)
Mould life:-1,000,000 shots
Injection Molding Machine:-180T-250T

Our Strength and Service

1)  Quick quote response and reasonable price for different MoQ requirement. And one NDA will be followed to warrant the confidentiality of the customers files and documents received.

2)  Internal feasibility study review meeting to cover all the aspects related to the quoting projects will be conducted and one internal feasibility study report along with timing plan and capacity analysis report will be prepared accordingly.

3)  The tooling and molding reports will be prepared and provided based on different customers requirement when the new projects are officially nominated and kicked off.

- DFM Study Report

- Mold Flow Analysis Report

- CAD/CAM in real 3D Environment for mold

- Complete mold manufacturingprocesses tracking report update

- New samples submission and tooling modification loops tracking

- Molding process DOE report and process setting sheet improvement

- FAI/ISIR Reports submission on schedule

- PPAP/Qualification reports submission to customer

4)  Professional program management will ensure close communication and frequent update regarding the new projects to our customers through the whole project phases.

Packaging and Shipping

1) Packaging:
(1) For Tool/Mold: Wooden crate will be applied.
(2) For Piece Parts:
- The packaging will be custom designed based on the materials of PE Bag or Bubble Bag+ Plastic Tray+ Layer Partition+ Big PE Bag+ Carton Box+ Pallet+ Labeling optionally.


1) Which types of products and service your company can provide?
We are the molder dedicated to providing one stop total solutions regarding injection molding parts to our customers:
- Molding parts: Single molding, overmolding, insert molding, IML/IMD, 2K Shots, and stacking molding.
- Secondary Processes: Painting/VM/NCVM/Pad Printing/Silk Screen/Laser Etching/Hot Stamping/USW/Heat Staking/Sub-Assembly.
- Prototype/Production Mould making, qualification and shipment.
- Fixture build, qualification and shipment.

2)What types products are being produced in your house?
- Current running projects in house: Electrical Enclosure, Solar Cell Terminal Block, Caps, Tube Connector, Optical Components., etc.
- Some Transfer projects regarding Home appliance parts.
- We will proceed to introduce medical and automotive projects at next stage.

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