hydraulic manifold blocks,high quality forged steel product made in japan ,tokyo

hydraulic manifold blocks,high quality forged steel product

Product description

Under this motto, the Company has since its foundation responded to customer demands worldwide through ongoing quality improvement, price moderation and strict observation of delivery date.

The Company’s day-to-day efforts have been consistently directed toward these goals,for instance through the introduction of state-of-the-art equipment, including a 2,000-ton press,the establishment of an integrated in-house production system covering all processes from forging to heat treatment and machining, and the putting in place of a production management system to target improvements in productivity and efficiency.


Why Choose us

Many Years of History and Experience

If there is one area where Hatakeyama Iron Works is sure it is unsurpassed by

the competition, it is in its history.

The achievement and experience which the Company has steadily built up as a manufacturer

engaged in the secondary processing of iron and steel for almost a century have born fruit

as new technology and expertise.


Solidly Backed Quality 

As one example, in the area of parts for ships and vessels, the Company is certified by

Lloyd’s Register of Shipping and other marine classification societies.

Under its unique and stringent quality assurance system, the Company delivers reliable

quality through the comprehensive deployment of human resources and equipment.


Customer Satisfaction in Price and Delivery Time

At Hatakeyama Iron Works, we have put in place a unique production management system.
By thorough streamlining and rationalization and ensuring close interdivisional coordination,
the Company achieves price levels and delivery times that match customer needs.


From Nuclear Industry Parts to Small Machines

From parts for the nuclear power industry to parts for ships and vessels, motors, and small

machine tools, the Company supplies to a wide range of fields and has installed a range of

equipment to cover their requirements. The products of Hatakeyama Iron Works play a part

in various sectors of industry in countries around the world.


Distribution of Products Overseas

Many of our products are delivered to other manufacturers within Japan, who export them

around the world after processing them into finished products.

We maintain high quality at a low cost through sufficient forging ratios and high yield rates.

Every day we strive to improve forging techniques and efficiency.


Our Forging Division features

- 2,000-ton and 750-ton forging presses allowing production of a wide range of product sizes
(Diameter: 50 mm ~ 2,500 mm, length: up to 15,000 mm, weight: 50 kg ~ 15 tons)
- Flexible response to orders from small lots to repeat products
- Response to required quality and perfecting of various shapes backed by many years of experience
- Custom production in collaboration with steel manufacturers
- Response to broad ranging materials from steel to non-ferrous metals


Heat Treatment Division

The Division is engaged in the heat treatment of parts used in all kinds of industrial machinery,including shipbuilding and machining tools. Our strong technological abilities in overall heat treatment,especially normalizing, annealing, and the thermal refining of large steel materials,are widely appreciated, including by overseas customers.