china custom iron investment casting parts lost wax casting

custom iron investment casting parts lost wax casting

Quick Details

Model Number: Customzied
Material: Ductile iron /grey iron
Certification: ISO 9001:2000
OEM/ODM service: Yes
Service capacity: One stop solution .
Standard: Nonstandard
Process: casting &machining
Finish: Sand blasting



  • CNC Horizontal lathe machine: 8 sets, Dia. 400mm×2000mm
  • Horizontal lathe machine: 2 sets, Dia. 500mm×750mm
  • Vertical lathe machine: 2 sets, Dia. 1200mm
  • CNC Milling machine: 3 sets, 250mm×1120mm
  • Milling machine: 2 sets, 320mm×1320mm
  • Planning machine: 1 set, 650mm
  • Plane grinding machine: 1 set, 250mm×300mm; precision on and less than 0.016
  • Small size high-precision plane grinding machine: 1 set
  • Circular grinding machine: 1 set, Dia. 250mm×2000mm
  • Vertical drilling machine: 1 set, Dia. 50mm/M24
  • Table drilling machine: 15 sets
  • Japaness Sodick Linear cutting machine:  1 sets, 320mm×400mm, CNC precision 0.001mm
  • Linear cutting machine: 6 sets, 320mm×400mm, CNC precision 0.015mm
  • Electric discharge machine: 3 sets, 320mm×500mm, CNC precision 0.018mm
  • Gear-hobbing machine: 5 sets
  • Sawing machine: 2 sets


Heat treatment (out house)

For the heat treatment, we subcontract to our local qualified supplying factories to process at the out of Atlas house. Generally we can meet any heat treatment requirements on the metal works, such as annealing, normalizing, tempering & quenching, surface hardening and etc.


Surface treatment

The surface treatment is to do out house. Our suppliers help us to supply our customers a wide range of surface finish solution, such as hot dip galvanizing, zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, powder coating, epoxy painting, anodizing, black oxide, E-coating and etc.



Whole inspection procedures (IQC, PQC and FQC) and QA plan are carried out in house to be compliance with the rules and regulation of ISO 9001:2000
Quality control always be doing on site and on time, never try to do later;
If the customer found it is necessary any third authorized inspection organization are welcomed to witness the quality before the shipment.


Applicable field

All kinds of auto parts, machinery parts, computer parts, medical parts, home appliances, electrical equipment parts, electrical appliance parts, electronic products parts, electronic parts, generator parts, alternator parts, dynamo parts, electric generator parts, stationery, power switches, miniature swithces, architecture, commodity and A/V equipment, hardware and plastic molds, sports equipment and gifts, etc.