2018 oem new products stainless steel f316 f304h forged

new products stainless steel f316 f304h forged

Quick Details

Application: Industrial, Machinery Industrial
Material: Steel, Steel, Stainless Steel
Dimensions: As per client's drawing, Customized Size
Machining Process: CNC Machining
Standard: ASTM & AISI & DIN
OEM: Available
Technology: Steel Casting
Inspection: 100% Inspection and support SGS Inspection
Certificate: ISO9001
Machining Tolerance: Up to IT7, Ra 0.8~3.2 according to client's requirement

Product Description

We offers extensive expertise at its casting foundries in China,manufacturing precision investment castings in a wide range of stainless steel,carbon steel,aluminum,bronze,brass and specialty alloys.

We surpass other investment casting companies in providing best service for the buyers:

1.Our off-shore casting capabilities enable us to give our customers a lower-cost alternative with fast lead times for a variety of casting processes, including investment casting, sand casting, die casting and permanent mold casting.

2.Our highly experienced team are on hand to offer the necessary advice and guidance, to support and help you design and manufacture your components as first-class investment castings.

ProductsValve Parts,Pump Parts,Impellers,Polishing Parts and other Machinery Parts
MaterialCarbon Steel,Alloy Steel,Stainless Steel and Duplex      Stainless Steel


Process design - Mould manufacture - Wax pattern        made - Module combining - Shell made - Module          dewaxing - Shell rosting - Conventional casting - Gate  removing - Precise finishing - Argon arc welding - Sand blasting - Clearing and finishing - Heat treatment -      Correction and inspection
Weight Range0.006-50kg
Maximum Outline Dimension600mm
Minimum Thickness2mm(1mm for small area)
ToleranceOuter radius≥0.3mm,inner fillet≥0.5mm



Technical Ability

Technicians can develop products with CAD,Pro E,Solid Works and other CAD tools;

Technicians can design casting process with CAE and    use the Casting Simulation System to verify the          process, so as to ensure the process be scientific and    rational before production.

Product Details

The investment casting process offers many benefits, including design freedom,cost savings, close tolerances, better finishes, savings in machining time, reproducibility, and assembly savings.

1.Design flexibility and capability: Infinite choice of alloys and design flexibility for internal and external configurations is seen as a plus.

2.Tight Tolerances :Tight tolerances can be achieved using Investment Casting allowing designs to be produced with accuracy. The tolerances that can be achieved are ± 0.125 per 25mm.

3.A fine surface finish:The surface of finished components produced using the Investment Casting Process is measured at 3.2 microns.

4.Affordable tooling:The tooling costs associated with this process are much cheaper than those associated with other casting processes (such as Die Casting). This is due to the fact that dies are machined from Aluminium, not steel. This also provides a secondary advantage, being that any necessary alterations can be made with relative ease – keeping costs and production times as low as possible.

5. Elimination of material waste: Investment castings are essentially cast to size, thus decreasing the amount of machining required.

6. Consistency: The process gives a reliable and consistent product order to order.